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               We as humans have always wondered whether we are alone in the universe since we started to look at the sky. Ancient Greeks believed that we were not alone in the universe, but they did not have the sufficient technology to support this idea. The scientific discoveries in the fourth quarter of 20th century strengthened the idea of life outside the earth. From the beginning of the 21st century scientists have been studying harder to answer the age-old question of “are we alone in the universe” (Depts.washington.edu, 2019). Ever since, the studies on Astrobiology have been going on and many new scientists are studying on this important field. Then, what is Astrobiology?


               Astrobiology: to put it simply, is the study of life in the universe (Cool Cosmos, 2019). In order to be able to study life in the universe, first, we must understand the life’s itself, the conditions which allows life to form and the planet systems (Depts.washington.edu, 2019). This is the reason why Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary study area. Biology, astrophysics, and geology are curial to understand life outside of earth, and these are just some of the disciplines needed to understand life in the universe. Astrobiologists, in general, study the conditions needed for life to form.


               Even though Astrobiology is a relatively new study area, many universities and agencies including NASA have been conducting major studies on this subject (Depts.washington.edu, 2019). Currently, similar studies are being done in Turkey and it is very likely to see many others in the near future.


The Organizing Committee of the METU Astrobiology Conference was formed by the members of the METU Amateur Astronomy Club and the METU Biology and Genetics Club. As the organization committee, our aim is to ensure that Astrobiology is recognized in our country, to prepare an environment where studies in this field can be presented, scientists working in this field can come together and meet with science lovers. As the Organizing Committee of the METU Astrobiology Conference, we do not seek any profit. We cover the costs of the event by establishing partnerships and demanding a small participation fee.

With our team set out to do science, spread science and make it accessible to everyone, we will hold the third event on November 30, 2019, the first of which was held on November 18, 2017. Although METU Conference on Astrobiology Astrobiology Conference First implemented in Turkey, has now become a tradition and our team, every year in order to prepare for this conference has been working with heart and soul.

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3rd Astrobiology Conference

18th of November 2017
17th of November 2018
30th of November 2019



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